Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Name Crazy

Coming up with new names for my items can seriously drive me crazy. It is so easy to just give the rundown of an item, but I hope a well planned name is more impressive. To me it certainly implies thought and consideration. But I must admit, I am not really verbally creative. I love making jewelry, but without my Thesaurus, my jewelry's names would be nothing more than an itemized list.

But thankfully, dictionary.com has become a handy tool I use quite often! From here I try to explore color synonyms, and sometimes I discover amazing little things about a word I didn't know before. Take my new necklace, Moss Winds Necklace, this necklace is so lovely and brilliantly colored, but I had no Idea how to convey that in a small phrase.

SO...dictionary.com:) Of course my first action was to search for synonyms for green, there are plenty to choose from, apple, aquamarine, beryl, bice, blue-green, chartreuse, fir, forest, grass, etc. So, there's the color synonym, but sometimes a one liner doesn't feel complete. This necklace is transparent and round and truly reminds me of a crystal ball, except it green, so oracle and crystal ball weren't really fit. So again I chose to punch in a related word looking for a nice synonym. Premonition, related to oracle, came up with some fancy possibilities and some not so fancy:) Like, prenotion, presage, presentiment, wind change, winds, etc. Winds caught my eye, so...

Moss Winds
it is.

Ok, so it might not be as unique as coming up with something right outta my own head, but after naming 149 items, my mind doesn't mind taking a break. This little research project also gave me some useful terms to use for tagging also!

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