Saturday, October 24, 2009

Optomize Your Tagging to Increase Exposure

Timothy Adam Design has featured on of my items on his blog, in his Etsy Top 10 list!

Getting your shop name out there in cyberspace is more work than you would think, so being featured with an established blogger is an amazing opportunity, and I am glad to have gotten the chance.

Bringing traffic to your sight is vital for sales, and there are lots of great ways to increase your exposure! Direct traffic on Etsy is highly desired, as you know these shoppers have an account, and are usually familiar with the Etsy shopping procedure. But getting all these shoppers to your shop can be a bit challenging.

Tagging your items is probably one of the most simple ways to increase item exposure. Every tag you add increases the number of times your item will show up in a search, so be creative, and consider digging out a thesaurus!

These Neptune Earrings, for example, are quite simple, they are aqua blown glass beads on silver hoops. The most obvious tags might be: aqua, blown glass, hoop, silver. But Etsy allow for 14 tag lines, and using every line available to you is in your best interest, so think about ways your potential customers might search for earrings. These earrings aren't just aqua, they can also be considered teal or blue, or green. The hoops aren't just silver, they are in fact sterling silver. For this item I managed to list 30 tag word!

(jewelry, earrings, glass blown hollow, bead beaded hoop, sterling silver, bright aqua teal, neptune azure, striped dangle, customizable ring, cricle inch, feminine teen day, evening cocktail, fable fablebay, orbit globe blue)

Be creative, consider all the words that might describe your item, and don't forget that Etsy Admin uses genre terms to create their own lists to put on the front page. Dark, Romance, Rustic, Autumn, Modern and so on are all terms themes Etsy Admin have featured. So think outside the box when describing your item, and fill every tag line you can!