Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Poor Blog;)

My poor neglected blog! I always think of great things to write about, but somehow never make it there. OY;) I am full of ideas, but never fully prepared, LOL.

Last weekend, for example, I went to my very first Gem Show! So excited to go. I packed my daughter up to go with me (she's 4, but already obsessed with jewelry). We took a 4 hour drive to Seattle, and had a super great time. I found lots of stunning, beautiful gems, although many were still just too pricey for me, YIKES $800/strand made me scared;).

I had great plans to document the whole adventure and write about it here on the blog, but....I forgot my camera at home! Me! The lady who basically has a camera attached to her body 24/7, forgot the camera. seriously, i need more sleep, lol.

I got a few after the show, in the Seattle Center Fountain, with my daughter, but failed to take any cell phone shots inside. Sometimes I wonder about myself, lol!

Adyson at the Fountain. At first she was terrified of falling down into the pit.

But eventually, I couldn't keep her out of it;)

and to not disappoint, here are a few shots of the gems I did get.

AA grade Peach, White, and Grey Moonstone: So lovely!

AAA grade Mystic Mandarin Quartz: OMG!

Moss Amethyst

The rest is viewable on my Facebook Fanpage. Stop by there, become a fan, and take a look! :)